How To Guide - Compiling InfluxDB on Windows

posted by Mike Nisk on Apr 03, 2016


This is a quick guide showing how to compile InfluxDB on Windows.


First, we need to download and install the Windows versions of go, git and hg.

Note: InfluxDB requires Go 1.4.3


Compile InfluxDB

Open an elevated command prompt and enter the following:

cd c:\go
mkdir projects
set "GOPATH=C:\Go\projects"
cd %gopath%
go get
cd src\\influxdata\influxdb
go get -u -f ./...
go build ./...

Create the InfluxDB Config File

cd c:\go\projects\bin
influxd config > influxdb.generated.conf
copy influxdb.generated.conf influxdb.conf

Modify the Config File

start wordpad influxdb.conf 

Launch InfluxDB

influxd –config influxdb.conf

Next Steps

Other things you might try now are:

  1. Configure this as a service using NSSM.
  2. Gather VMware vSphere stats and write them to InfluxDB vFlux-Stats-Kit on github


The approach documented above reflects the new path locations (i.e. influxdata instead of influxdb) and is based on:

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